custom training sessions

Customized Training Courses

From naval architecture standards to how to conduct requirements management, BMT can tailor its knowledge and prepare customized training to meet customer needs.

BMT can create customized training courses for delivery on-site or via the Web. These are just a sample of some of the courses and topics which have been delivered. Topics addressed can be tailored to a client's particular situation.

Naval Architecture Course

BMT developed a course to provide Fleet Maintenance Facility (FMF) Cape Breton (CB) naval architects with an introductory-level training course and associated course materials on submarine naval architecture. The course was customized to provide to the engineering department who have appropriate qualifications and experience when dealing with issues pertaining to surface ships and an understanding of submarine design qualifications and naval architecture. The specialized training covered some of the following topics within submarine naval architecture:

  • Submarine structures
  • Stability
  • Trim
  • Compensating arrangements
  • Ballasting
  • Stability trials

Combat Systems Engineering Course

BMT developed and delivered basic training and overview materials for the Royal Canadian Navy's engineering and naval architecture team. The objective of the three-day course was to provide an understanding of the basic principles and considerations associated with naval combat systems and their major subsystems.  The course covered:

  • An understanding of Royal Canadian Navy's operational structure, missions and environments
  • The role of Royal Canadian Navy ships therein, and the impact on combat system design
  • The broader areas of general combat systems
  • Combat system selection and placement
  • Integration of combat systems
  • Ship design impacts
  • Cost estimation

Configuration and Data Managements Course

There is more demand for configuration and data management (CDM) due to higher rate of change and increased need to support in-service vehicles and extend service life. This course covers the major functional areas of CDM while focusing on change control both in the design cycle and as support for life cycle material maintenance.  Topics include:

  • CDM planning and training
  • Configuration identification and baselining
  • Problem/issue capture and technical resolution process
  • Change control processes, the change control board and a discussion of supporting tools
  • Document management process and collaboration tools (special attention is given to the new online tools available and cloud-based initiatives)
  • Configuration status accounting including a discussion of useful technical and managerial metrics
  • Configuration audits: purpose of an audit, its place in the project lifecycle, the contractual meaning/impact of auditing, the audit process and important subjects/items to ensure are audited

Requirements Managements Course

Requirements development and the management of those requirements is a subject that is of particular interest to industry at the moment.  Topics include:

  • Purpose and scope of requirements management
  • Requirement definition
  • Requirement specification – what is a “good” requirement
  • Requirement analysis
  • Requirement traceability
  • Requirement verification and validation
  • Requirement change management
  • Purpose and structure of a requirements management plan