Marine Engineering

From first concept to retirement, BMT's extensive expertise and commercial independence enables the company to deliver the highest quality marine engineering services to customers for today's evolving marine environment.

Drawing from a global pool of best-in-field specialists, BMT provides independent consultation in marine engineering.  Expertise covers all aspects of the electrical and mechanical development, design, operation, safety and maintenance for systems onboard marine vessels and facilities and structures located both on- and offshore. 

From platform management systems to electrical and propulsion plants to HVAC and piping, BMT has the experience and expertise to meet the defence, commercial and energy industries' needs:

  • Whole ship concept ship design services providing operational analysis and specification development for ship systems such as propulsion, electrical plant, aviation support, auxiliaries, etc.
  • Contract ship design services providing detailed design arrangements and system selections while meeting government regulations and class society rules
  • Through-life growth assessment
  • Construction support through engineering change assessment, quality assurance, certification impact analysis and shipyard liaison
  • Ship trials from shipbuilder's acceptance trials to extended Arctic trials involving complex data acquisition
  • Operational support such as acquisition assessment and modification design packages for pre-owned ships
  • Mid-life upgrade/refresh assessments and design support
  • Cost analysis for ship construction, acquisition, modification and in-service costs ensuring designs come in on budget
  • Failure mode effect analysis and trial plan development
  • Repair and maintenance planning and procedures
  • Evacuation, risk and safety management assessments and recommendations
  • Structural integrity such as welding analysis and welding repair instructions, cracking analysis, mechanical damage and wear, corrosion severity, vibration isolation, assessment and mediation and fitness-for-service analyses
  • Site/operations management of environmental impacts, air emissions control strategies through abatement and control technologies
  • Environmental compliance assessments such as fuel types and diesel technology to ensure environmental regulation compliance

BMT Fleet Technology offers customers a complete marine engineering solution from first concepts through in-service support.