Design Authority Services

BMT provides engineering and management services to support design authorities and engineering teams in ensuring that design integrity is met throughout the life of an asset.

The design authority has the necessary capabilities and authority to maintain design intent and to enable fully informed decisions that consider programmatic requirements and constraints. BMT provides customers with design authority support which includes the following services:

  • Ensuring a ship's detailed design and construction meet the requirements of the approved design intent
  • Specifying design requirements and undertaking design tasks
  • Conducting impact analyses, internal reviews and final approval of engineering changes and maritime evaluations
  • Providing approval for all engineering change specifications prior to implementation
  • Controlling trial agendas
  • Developing and maintaining in-service trials to ensure that equipment and systems continue to meet their performance requirements
  • Applying configuration management to designs and associated documentation
  • Continuously monitoring the effectiveness of these activities
  • Producing and maintaining appropriate operating and maintenance instructions for the platform, system and equipment levels
  • Ensuring work is undertaken in accordance with the principles of naval material assurance, to approved standards, by qualified personnel in approved organizations, and that work is certified as correct
  • Defining naval engineering and maintenance policy to be adhered to by the operational authority
  • Accepting the materiel risk in authorizing the divergence from original design intent, subject to implementation of any specified mitigations
  • Reviewing naval preventive maintenance documentation prior to the start of post-commissioning trials