HMCS Preserver in Halifax

Naval Material Assurance (NMA)

Our services range from supporting improvements at policy level through to providing assistance to government defence agencies and their suppliers to achieve design intent.

One of the critical challenges in vessel design is putting in place the related engineering and oversight processes and functions needed to ensure the safe and operationally effectivity of the vessel design.  As a "friend of the customer" and with its global footprint, BMT has extensive experience helping customers to establish design authority and design agent programs, either through skill transfer or by undertaking aspects of the work directly.

  • MCDV alongside.

    Design Authority Services

    With experience across a wealth of fleets worldwide, BMT is well positioned to help design authorities in ensuring design intent.

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  • Drawings with magnifying glass and compass.

    Design Agent Services

    BMT's engineering and management services enable customers to conduct full and effective change review and implementation, maintaining technical data packages and controlling margins.

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  • Canadian Navy fleet at Victoria.

    Naval Material Assurance

    BMT is helping customers establish Naval Material Assurance frameworks, which can lead to significant savings in time and cost, and improved program performance.

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