Systems Engineering

With proven processes and a wealth of experience in executing systems engineering programs, BMT is there to help customers achieve successful project execution.

The design and management of complex engineering projects over the span of their life requires a focus on key customer requirements as early as possible in the development process, meaning that a problem can be understood and solved within a validated system while simultaneously managing and reducing risk.  A "wholeship" approach to design is also crucial to ensure the ongoing design and eventual in-service support programs keep an eye on the big picture, managing changes and maintaining margins.  

This holistic, "systems thinking" approach to delivering operationally effective capability enables a more agile and flexible approach to capability delivery, ensuring that all areas of the project are considered up front, risks are identified and planned for, issues are resolved, acceptance/validation is planned for and assumptions are realistic and justified.

BMT systems engineers have applied their experience across a range of defence projects. Their powerful analysis of complex problems enables clients to better understand the challenges faced and to assess potential solutions to determine the right decisions at the right time to achieve desired aims and objectives.

BMT's systems engineering services include:

  • Requirements engineering capturing and defining customer requirements and producing specifications with support from our requirements management team
  • Undertaking wholeship engineering design and integration tasks from concept to disposal
  • Developing system architecture and analysis
  • Monitoring class design margins and maintaining the control programs
  • Planning and managing acceptance programs
  • Providing independent verification and validation
  • Developing, implementing, assessing and managing engineering changes
  • Developing the updates required to the in-service technical data packages to reflect approved engineering changes