Field Instrumentation

Operational data is a necessity in the modern world of engineering services and design, BMT offer solutions to capture data in the field.

Instrumentation and data collection packages range from large custom-built systems to small "off the shelf" data collection devices for monitoring motions, stresses and noise in seagoing vessels.

Even when it requires working in extreme and adverse field conditions, BMT has the data acquisition expertise to conduct stress and cracking measurements on in-service pipeline installations and ice load monitoring systems on ships, offshore drilling structures and in-situ ice loading.

Examples of Data Acquisition Installations:

Offshore Drilling Barge Ice Load Monitoring and Alarm System

BMT developed a custom software package and data acquisition system for the collection, analysis and storage of sensor information. Additionally, the system operates as a real-time ice load alarm monitor during drilling barge operations.

Networked Data Acquisition and Reduction (M/T Primorye)

This system was installed by BMT during tanker performance trials to collect data through 100 strain gauge channels from various locations of the ship. It recorded torque, thrust and revolutions per minute (RPM) values from propulsion and global positioning system (GPS) data.

Operability/Survivability of Totally Enclosed Motor Powered Survival Craft (TEMPSC) in Ice

BMT conducted the first-ever ice trials on a TEMPSC in the Northumberland Strait. The tests collected vast amounts of data for determining survivability limits and design criteria for future projects. The instrumentation consisted of strain gauges, inclinometers and temperature sensors to measure peak stresses and deflections, angles of pitch and roll, internal and external temperatures, tether breaking loads and load accumulation.

Hull Stress Monitor

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) commissioned BMT for the installation of a custom hardware and software package for monitoring hull stress and bending on the CCG Louis St-Laurent. This system can be used for monitoring real-time hull performance on larger ships in open water and vessels in ice including icebreakers such as the CCG Louis St-Laurent. The project was a joint venture with UK based BMT Sea Tech Limited and has gained great exposure in the Asian shipping markets.

Operator Guidance System

BMT developed the Operator Guidance System (OGS) to provide users with real-time data on current conditions and to provide forecasts of motions and slamming risk based on changes to course or speed. The OGS assists operators in adapting their route to current and forecast weather conditions.

Analysis of Component Accelerations on Passenger Trains

BMT was contracted to collect and analyze field acceleration data for two passenger locomotives for the purposes of comparing the behaviour of the locomotives and identifying the sources of observed differences in the maintenance requirements between the two locomotives. The field instrumentation for this project included the use of accelerometers and relative displacement sensors on various significant components of the locomotive bogie, including the axle box, traction motor and truck frame. Data was collected for each locomotive while travelling along various intercity routes.

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