The procurement and maintenance of air assets is demanding and critical. BMT is there with proven expertise from project management to material expertise to support the needs of the modern air force.

BMT offers air-based defence expertise in project execution, aid in establishing technical requirements, establishing contacts with industry and in key operational functions such as repair and maintenance:

  • Management services such as client representation, procurement strategy, business case analysis, risk management, design quality assurance, asset life-cycle management, change management and programmatic services
  • Requirements development and capture
  • Industry engagement support in the area of establishing shared data environments, vendor maturity audits and libraries of vendor information
  • Logistical support
  • Structural integrity such as welding analysis and welding repair instructions, cracking analysis, mechanical damage and wear, corrosion severity, and vibration isolation, assessment and mediation

With a proven design track record and a global community of specialists, BMT can offer you the best in service for your air needs.